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Your case deserves attorneys with the best academic credentials, more than thirty years of courtroom experience, and a track record of success in trial. Let us guide you. Your case is important to us.

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Ross & Voytas, LLC are trial lawyers with big firm experience and small firm values. We combine objective, expert advice with the tactical know-how to keep you a step ahead. We will offer you straight talk and a sensible, cost-effective strategy.

Practice Areas

Serious Injury - Explosions, Disfigurement, Loss of Limbs

We have experience working with families who are dealing with a loved one’s serious injury.  From navigating the maze of medical bills, making difficult decisions about how to replace lost wages and benefits, and prosecuting whoever is responsible for the injury, we have the tools, funding, and experience to help  your family.
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Estate & Will Disputes

When a loved one dies or becomes incapacitated, it can be a difficult time for family and friends.  Disputes about a will or trust can make matters worse.  At Ross & Voytas, we are experienced in handling these disputes.  We guide clients through negotiating and, if necessary, litigating these sensitive matters.  We provide the highest quality representation at a reasonable price.  Your case is important to us.  Please call to learn more.Learn More »

Business Law & Litigation

Ross & Voytas offer trial-tested, big firm experience for your business at extremely competitive prices.  We have litigated disputes for businesses ranging from Fortune-500 conglomerates to local entrepreneurs.  Your case is important to us.Read More »

Mediation Services

Nate Ross is a certified mediator with more than 15 years of legal experience.  Nate will develop a creative and thorough approach to solving your dispute outside of the courtroom in the shortest amount of time at the lowest possible cost.Learn More »

Brokerage / Money Management / Stock Trading

If your money has not been managed in a suitable fashion, we may be able to provide you with relief.  If you are dealing with market losses, missing funds, inappropriate trades, excessive fees, or bad money management, please call us. »

Consumer Issues - Debt Collection, Wage Disputes

We represent consumers who are pursued by debt collectors.  We help you understand your rights, especially when the debt can be disputed.  We investigate your debt collectors to determine if they are following the rules.  If they are not, we can take action at no cost to you.  If we win, you may be eligible to receive a penalty of up to $1000, and the collector must pay our attorneys’ fees.

We also handle wage claims for consumers.  If you are an hourly worker who has not been paid fairly, call us and we will investigate.  If we prevail in your case, you may be eligible to receive up to double of your missing wages, and the employer must pay our attorneys’ fees.

The entirety of our consumer practice involves a “no cost, no fee” approach.  You will never pay us a retainer.  We advance all costs.  We only get paid if you win.Learn More »

Wrongful Death

We help victims of negligence and wrongful conduct seeking compensation for their injuries or for the loss of a loved one.Read More »


At Ross & Voytas, LLC, you are more than just a case number.

When you hire an attorney, you want someone who listens and understands your situation and who will work hard to get your desired result. At Ross & Voytas, LLC, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to you with the bottom line in mind.

We strive to be an advocate in the true sense of the word, standing beside you throughout the process.

We start by providing you with an understandable explanation of your legal rights and options.  An objective assessment of your legal matters allows you to make an informed decision, which may not mean filing a lawsuit.

As a small firm attorney, we’re able to provide competitive pricing designed to maximize your recovery while minimizing your costs. With reasonable prices and a service-driven philosophy, we hope to be the go-to choice for anyone seeking legal representation in St. Louis County and the surrounding areas.

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