LP, Gasoline, Natural Gas, and Industrial Explosion Injuries

Missouri Explosion Lawyers

We have experience dealing with serious explosions and the injuries that result.  These are life-changing events, and it takes a large team to execute the best strategy to make sure your loved one will get the care they deserve.  We use the following professionals:

  • Forensic Scientists: We need to understand why the explosion happened before we can begin to plan our strategy for prosecuting your case.  We have worked with scientists from a variety of disciplines who help us to examine the evidence related to the explosion and to reconstruct the “pathway” that the explosion followed.  We use this experience to put the best forensic experts possible on your team.
  • Lifecare Planners: The amount of money it takes to care for a burn victim over his or her lifetime is staggering.  The cost of grafts, laser treatments, specialized clothing, equipment, and personal assistants is immense.  We work with certified lifecare planners who will develop a day-by-day and year-by-year approach to figuring out what a burn victim will need and how much it will cost.  This information is critical to know if the burn victim is presented with a settlement opportunity.
  • Physicians: It can be difficult for a jury to understand what a burn victim goes through on a daily basis.  Not being able to sweat, for example, poses a significant challenge that many people will never experience.  The skin is the body’s largest organ, and in a damaged state it can affect everything from a burn victim’s ability to sleep to their sexual function.  We work with compassionate and skilled doctors who can explain these injuries to a jury with expert precision and thoroughness.
  • Economist: We typically retain an expert economist who will examine every angle of the “cost” associated with a burn injury.  Beyond medical bills, these costs include lost wages, benefits, and the lost ability to provide valuable household services.

Through a combination of the best experts and an aggressive trial strategy, we will not leave anything to chance.  Your case is important to us.